How are the bowls made?
Each bowl takes several days to complete from beginning to end.

The bowl shape is first created through crochet, a technique that cannot be replicated by machine. It is then wet felted, causing the wool fibres to shrink considerably and interlock. The felted fabric is then blocked until fully dry, and trimmed.

Because the process is time intensive and cannot be replicated commercially, only limited numbers of these beautiful bowls are produced each year in my Vancouver studio.

Will they hold their shape?

Each bowl is unique, organic in form, and soft. Each is an object of natural and imperfect beauty that will bend and flex as it is used in everyday life.The bowls are sturdy, and have been tested in both retail and domestic settings -- hard use, storage, travel, kids -- and performed wonderfully. They look better with use!

While the bowls are not, nor will they remain, perfectly round, they should not be stored flat or folded, as they may become distorted.

If this does happen, they are easy to revive: soak in warm water, gently squeeze out excess water, place over a container of suitable size and shape (plastic food and plant containers work great), make sure the bowl is evenly placed (especially the rim), let fully dry, remove and enjoy.

I committed to making sure you get many years of enjoyment and use from your purchase. Please contact hold by email if you have any questions about your bowl: mariarothdesign (at)

What can you use them for?
While the bowls are beautiful objects in their right, they are also fully functional.A useful place to organize everyday things: glasses, bike lights, cell phones, keys, jewelry, digital camera, change. A special place to display more precious objects: beach finds, antique hardware, a small family heirloom.

The soft, thick bowls also protect whatever they are sitting on, making them an ideal storage container on wood, ceramic and stone surfaces.

Finally, a felted bowl makes a special gift: unique, useful, beautiful and sustainable. 



How do I look after my necklace?
Please store flat in a dry location. Spot clean wool cord.

If your necklace becomes wet, lay flat in a well ventilated location (on a wire rack or thick towel is ideal). Allow to dry fully.

What if I my necklace becomes damaged? 
We hope that you will get many years of use and enjoyment from your necklace, which is carefully made from high quality materials. At some point should your necklace need attention - re-stringing or perhaps a new cord - we would be delighted to help!

Please get in touch by email mariarothdesign (at) for current colour availability and turnaround time.

How do I wear my necklace?
They have been designed to be worn with the soft, wool cord against the neck, and can be hung symmetrically or asymmetrically.

What are the necklaces made of?
The necklaces are made with merino cords that are hand felted in our Vancouver studio. The cords are paired with beautiful beads from around the world: contemporary hand-tooled beads from Ghana, vintage glass beads from Czechoslovakia, antique beads from Italy and others.

Where are the sources for the necklace materials?
The roving used to create the cords is a new, exceptionally soft merino wool from New Zealand.The beads are carefully selected from a variety of sources, and wherever possible we have choosen contemporary handmade and vintage/antique beads obtained from reputable dealers.